Seeking a current normal with the aid of medical cannabis

It literally changed my outlook after just 1 dose.

It’s been the toughest struggle by far. When you really cut your body, it takes a long time to put the pieces back together. I know because I’m still laboring to get my life back after a horrible accident. But there is always hope and medical cannabis is giving me a lot of hope. Car accidents happen all the time. The statistics are there for all to see. And yet, there are thoUSAnds upon thoUSAnds of aggressive drivers out there. The people I was with and I all see it all the time. My situation is the result of 1 such aggressive driver. What should have been a self-explanatory lane change on the interstate has led to several surgeries and enormous amounts of pain. But, it was pressing to that woman to cross many lanes as though she was racing. My front end got clipped and the ensuing crash left me broken. Thankfully, my doctor was able to prescribe me medical cannabis or I might have simply given up on my reusey. The pain of all the broken bones and wrecked joints was only magnified by all the physical therapy. And then there were all the surgeries. Traditional pain medication just didn’t have the effect on me that it had on others. That’s where medical cannabis came into play. It literally changed my outlook after just 1 dose. While I continue down the long path of healing, I at least have an ally in the cannabis products. Oh and the woman that clipped me, she walked away unscathed. That’s how random life can be sometimes.
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