The dispensary is going to start delivering for everyone in town

There is only a single cannabis dispensary in the whole town where I live. Some people live a mile or 2 away from the shop and some people live 20 miles away from the cannabis shop, however for a long time, our friends and I wished and wished that the cannabis dispensary would offer delivery. We knew it would take a miracle or a huge change for this to occur. It seems that covid-19 is the perfect reason for the cannabis dispensary to start delivering to everyone in town. My friends and I live in an beach house building that is 17 miles away from the cannabis dispensary. We didn’t assume they would supply that far, but we sited an order on Tuesday and they brought the package to our front door. We had to pay $1 for each mile that we live from the dispensary. The shop had a coupon for $5 off any delivery fee. My friends and I paid $12 for the cannabis shop delivery driver to bring us all of our medical marijuana. We thought it was a great deal, because we didn’t have to hop in the car and spend an hour in traffic. Occasionally rush hour traffic can seem appreciate a nightmare, especially when the farm trucks are heavy… Now that the dispensary is going to be delivering to everyone in town, I hope they will change the delivery fees. My friends and I would order a lot more frequently from the cannabis dispensary if we didn’t have to pay such a high delivery fee every time we wanted a pot brownie.
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