The recreational marijuana shop has a cool vibe

My friends and I live in a state that recently passed a law to allow recreational marijuana sales.

The state was previously allowing medical marijuana, so the transfer to recreational was quick and painless.

I have a prescription for medical marijuana, but I was looking forward to cheaper prices. Everyone knows that the prices for recreational marijuana are a lot cheaper than the prices for medical prescription marijuana. Since the new laws passed, I’m saving about $200 each month for marijuana supplies. Since the marijuana shop went to recreational, the place has really made some amazing changes. They changed the lobby around and added a small sitting area where people can sit and talk. There are two couches and a couple of chairs. There are lighters, ashtrays, and other smoking accessories in the area. The new shop has a really cool vibe and it’s nice to have a place to sit and smoke. Some of my neighbors complain when my apartment smells like marijuana. They can’t call the cops or complain to the manager, since marijuana is legal. They do cause a lot of problems and they always give me a dirty look when I see them in the hallway. It’s not my fault that the ductwork for both of our apartments is linked. I shouldn’t have to stand outside in the cold weather, just because my neighbor doesn’t like the smell of weed. Now I can sit in the lobby and relax with my joint before I go back to the apartment. I don’t even need to worry about driving impaired, because I only live three blocks away from the pot shop.

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