The restaurant serves every dish with some cannabis surprises

A lot of cool restaurants and shops I’ve opened up since the state voted for legal recreational cannabis.

One place in particular has my vote for the coolest restaurant of the year.

The restaurant serves every single dish with some sort of cannabis surprise. My friends and I went there last weekend to celebrate 420. The restaurant was having a special to celebrate the stoner holiday. My friends and I were lucky that we decided to make a reservation, because the place was booked on that particular day. We were honestly amazed by the five course meal that the chef delivered to our table. The first course was a simple salad with a honey vinaigrette dressing that had chemdawg 99 desolate. The second course was a piece of fish. The fish was baked with fresh ground marijuana herbs on top. The flavor from the bud soaked into the skin of the fish and it gave it a wonderful taste that was earthy and fresh. The third course was a piece of steak that was thinly cut and drenched in brown butter. The brown butter was infused with cannabutter droppings. Both the fourth and fifth course were desserts. One was a pallet cleaning fruit dessert and the other was a chocolate torte with fudgy lava. Both of those desserts were easily the highlight of the evening. They tasted sinfully sweet and I couldn’t recognize any marijuana in either one of the dishes. They were one of a kind and tasty. By the end of the five-course meal, my friends and I were truly baked.

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