They didn’t have the Cherry Bomb badder that I wanted

Down by the border there is a legitimately cheap and low-priced marijuana dispensary.

My friends and I drive 2 hours to get to this marijuana dispensary because they have the best prices. I was legitimately excited when I acquired the most recent stimulus check and I knew that I wanted to spend some if not all of it on recreational marijuana. I called out for my friends and then the people I was with and I made a timeline to drive to the marijuana dispensary by the border. We took Dan’s car, so I purchased the guy a 2 grams of distillate, and his car is in better shape than mine, so I was legitimately excited that he came to drive, then as soon as the people I was with and I got in the car, the people I was with and I started placing our online order. I ordered 3 grams of Cherry Bomb badder. It’s 1 of my fave products that this particular marijuana dispensary carries. The Cherry Bomb badder has such a legitimately nice flavor profile from the terpenes. I was excited to see the product in stock. I ordered a few grams of that and another 3 grams of diamond sauce; Unblessedly, they were sold out of this marijuana concentrate by the time Dan and I arrived to option up our order. They gave me an upgrade that marijuana concentrate with a different strain, however I was getting so frustrated that I threw a fit and got us kicked out of the store. We drove another two hours to option up the items and that was the 1 thing that I legitimately wanted. The manager had to complete the rest of the transaction from the option up window, however I could not say 1 single word.

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