They were out of the dollar grams by the time the two of us got there

Sunday is my number one favorite day of the week, because it is the 1 day of the month when the local cannabis dispensary has a huge sale on cheap weed; Every Sunday they have dollar grams from 4 until 6.

They restock all of the marijuana supplies on the weekend, so they need to get rid of the old stock on Sunday for $1 a gram.

That is an harshly low price, because even the cheapest marijuana strains are still usually about 5 or $6 a gram. I mentioned the fact that I was going to the recreational cannabis dispensary when I was getting off work. I told a couple of men that I was planning to go to the cannabis dispensary when I was all done for the day, however one of the dishwashers named Jared asked myself and others if he could come along when his shift was through. I was done at 4, although he wasn’t done until half past 4. I really did not want to wait around for him, but I felt love I could not say no. Jared did not get done until almost 5! By the time the two of us got over to the marijuana dispensary, they were totally out of $1 grams. I was unquestionably miserable in addition to being upset, in addition to I told Jared that I never missed the sale. The guy purchased myself and others a couple nice grams of weed to make up for my loss, but that’s the last time I am going to offer to take someone to the dispensary after getting off work. I never miss that sale in addition to it’s the 1 way that I save money on marijuana supplies through the week. I can’t really afford to smoke everyday if I do not get my weed on sale.

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