Why does cannabis have a bad rap?

Stoners have a bad reputation.

It’s partially the fault of Cheech and Chong for being so damn funny for so many years.

As great as they were, it still gave most people in this country the impression that all stoners are like that, which is so far from the truth! Most of the smokers I know are professionals of one kind or another, most of them have families, go to church, work for charities, and everything else you expect from good people. The laws in this country have been changing for the better, so now it’s time we start to embrace the image of the normal, everyday, cannabis user, because there are millions of us. There was a time when smoking tobacco was normal, while smoking cannabis or any other plant was “wrong.” I am glad to see that things are changing, and tobacco is no longer embraced the way it was, but now it’s time to embrace the cannabis plant. Unlike tobacco, cannabis is not addictive, and has more medicinal qualities discovered within it every year. Moreover, using cannabis gives me an inner peace that actually helps be a better person. By smoking cannabis and calming my mind, I can rest easier, focus better, enjoy life more, and go through my day with a deeper sense of happiness. This is what non-cannabis users don’t get, that smoking out isn’t about getting high and watching tv, it’s about enhancing life! Listen, I enjoy Cheech and Chong as much as anyone, but I also know that cannabis users have come a long way since then!

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