Different outlook with cannabis

I can remember enjoying recreational marijuana the few times that I tried it when I was in my early twenties. The first time, I believe, was when I just started grad school. A buddy of mine told me that I looked way too stressed out. I figured he was simply going to offer to take me out for a beer or something. Instead, he pulled out a bit of marijuana product and suggested that we stay in. That was a fun night. And he was right, I did need to relax a bit. He told me it was a sativa strain that a cannabis grower he knew grew. I was so naive that I thought you simply just walked up to the farm and asked for marijuana for sale. This gave my buddy a very long, near hyperventilating laugh. This was decades ago and of course, the ability to walk into the local cannabis spot was not yet available to anyone. In fact, I’m not sure there was even a state that had recognized medical marijuana at that point. That was the last time I tried any sort of cannabis product in decades. But, there is now a chance for me to feel fine about enjoying recreational marijuana once again. The laws have finally changed in this region so there are now legitimate marijuana business going on. I can actually go find marijuana for sale like I wondered out loud about all those years ago. And it was just as easy as all that. I simply went in to the cannabis dispensary and came out with the indica strain I had wanted.



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