Dispensary is nextdoor now

I live in a giant house complex that was said to be an up and coming area.

I didn’t realize that corporations wouldn’t be coming for a long time.

For a vast majority of my time at the complex there was only a pizza arena, small grocery store and bank nearby. It wasn’t exactly a fun arena for all the other renters to go. When I saw a major building being constructed right next door to the apartment, I was severely excited. All the other renters were buzzing around with ideas and hopes on what was coming. Most people wanted a bar and restaurant. Some people thought the size of the building meant it would be a mall. Turns out that a cannabis dispensary is right next to the house now. At first I was a little bummed since I am not a cannabis smoker. After looking at it for weeks, I finally decided to take a tour. So, a cannabis dispensary is a entirely fun arena to hang out! The cannabis dispensary has a dab bar and a vape lounge that you can hang out with some of your products. It is almost adore a bar set up and makes it truly easy to meet people. I also have entirely enjoyed testing out the weird strains, trying new edibles and cooking oils that dispensary offers. Business is booming with the dispensary and hopefully that means more out of city people will transport here. Then more corporations will follow and the up and coming section will have already arrived.



legal marijuana dispensary