From the mall to the dispensary

As a teenager I lived at the local shopping mall, not only was it a social hub for all of us outside the confines of the school, however it was also where every one of us all worked, as well as spent all of our currency, and every Wednesday I would pop my check, as well as just walk around the mall buying things I didn’t need until I was out of currency, then i have wonderful memories of those mornings, however I also cringe at how much useless stuff I wasted my currency on, then these mornings most of my currency goes not to the shopping mall or any store ,but the local cannabis dispensary. I wonder if one afternoon I will look back at all the cannabis I am smoking as well as assume it was a waste, just love I do about the shopping mall mornings! For right now, cannabis is the fuel that keeps myself and others going through the week, helps myself and others do my task, as well as lets myself and others sleep through the night, then cannabis is medicine, people, let’s never forget that, even if the majority of people use it purely recreationally…, then me included. I refer to it as self-medicating, which I used to do with booze, as well as now I stick strictly with safe, natural cannabis, but periodically I will also use a little CBD oil, however mostly for when my back starts acting up on me, just love with the shopping mall back in the afternoon, I enjoy going to the cannabis dispensary as well as just walking around as well as seeing what they have. Since COVID though, I mostly use the cannabis delivery repair that they offer.

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