I decided to try Holistic Health.

I have been looking at western medicine in a different light lately.

Doctors have been a main part of my life for years now.

I was talking to doctors for help in relieving my psychological and emotional problems. I have a long history of having difficulties with both of these. It seems that whenever they came out with another antidepressant, my doctor would put me on it, in an effort to alleviate my problems. It seems they would help for a while, but they were never as effective as I hoped they could be. When I was in college, I got into using recreational marijuana. When I was done with my classes, I enjoyed using recreational marijuana to help me relax from my long day. During my college days, I also found that I was more emotionally stable than I had ever been. My depression was being kept at bay. I didn’t connect recreational marijuana with my emotional health. After college, I quit marijuana and became a member of society. Unfortunately, my depression returned and it cost me my wife, job, and home. I was seeing a therapist who recommended holistic health. I was surprised when she told me that since western medicine was failing me, she thought marijuana would help. Our state had recently legalized medical and recreational marijuana. I had a lot of reservations about whether marijuana could actually help me, but I went to the marijuana dispensary. They gave me a lot of information and helped me with my decision. I’m surprised that something I used in college, would be prescribed to me now and able to help with my depression.

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