I ordered cannabis for delivery but the driver was nowhere to be found

My family plus I lived in the city neighborhoods for most of my early life! I listened to the sounds of car horns plus traffic when I was falling asleep in the evening.

On my seventh birthday, I witnessed a shooting in the playground by my beach house plus my parents decided it was time to transfer to the country. I have spent my 11th birthday in a country house with 3 acres of property. I entirely missed my friends plus the neighborhood plus the park, despite the fact that I loved falling asleep to the sounds of the bugs plus the birds… When my mom plus dad retired plus moved south, I bought the beach house on more than two acres. I still loved the venue plus I thought it would be a wonderful section to raise kids a single afternoon. I moved into the property about six months ago, and since I moved to the country house, I have had a couple of complications getting my medical marijuana delivered. I have constantly used the same medical marijuana delivery service, because they offer discounts plus free pre-rolls with every order; unfortunately, they do not love going all the way to my country house because it’s 7 miles away from the store. It’s truly a long round trip, despite the fact that I constantly tip well. On Saturday, I ordered a couple of hundred dollars worth of medical marijuana supplies plus the delivery driver was supposed to arrive between 5 plus 6 pm; and at 7:30, I called the medical marijuana supply store plus I found out that the driver could not find my address. I do not suppose how the guy could have missed my venue, because I have the only country house on the road.

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