Interest in medical cannabis sparks big change

Our state passed medical marijuana for the first time just a few short years ago.

There had long been a big political fight to have medical marijuana be legal.

But, it had always gone down when it came to a vote. This last time, there was a major push to bring medical cannabis to our state. Lo and behold, it passed and we now have legal weed stores. I followed all of this with some interest. While I have not been a recreational marijuana user, I had an interest in medical cannabis. This is because I felt that it might me able to help with a persistent problem I have had. While it isn’t life threatening, I have a muscle spasm condition that can be quite debilitating. Mostly, I have dealt with it with a mixture of bed rest and muscle relaxers. However, my body was building up a tolerance to the prescriptions which was making me take higher and higher doses. The result was that I just couldn’t be coherent and take the medicine. This was not the way I wanted to live. So I went to some cannabis events in order to get some cannabis education. This spurred me on to meet the cannabis regulations so I could shop in the legal weed store. I’m so glad that I took the time to get some cannabis education. It allowed me to get past the stigma to a better understanding of its medicinal properties. Medical cannabis has changed my life. The muscle spasm condition is more manageable than ever.


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