Marijuana cured my nausea

Having access to medical marijuana has made more than a difference in my life.

It has allowed me to have a life that I thought might just not be possible for me.

Prior to medical marijuana, I struggled all the time. Unfortunately, I have struggled with a certain form of nausea that has ranged from manageable to completely debilitating. That’s not a good range. In fact, I have spent most of my life in some level of misery. And believe when I say that I have tried every prescription combination to deal with this. While I would get small measures of relief, I never got past it. I had to manage this condition all the time. As the marijuana laws changed, the medical professional I was seeing recommended that I try cannabis or cannabis products. Hesitant to do that, I resisted. Most of my hesitancy came from being ignorant. To me the marijuana company had to be shady on some level. Even though medical marijuana was legal and accessible, I had a certain image in my mind which held me back. Finally, my wife took me by the hand and the two of us visited the local cannabis spot. I was stunned to find the cannabis dispensary to be so clean, well lit and organized. It was a store. But the people there are the real heroes. The staff at the cannabis dispensary guided me gently to what would become a most important hybrid strain for sale. Now, I am experiencing life like I wasn’t sure I ever would be able to.


Marijuana dispensary