Name it and you’ll find it at the cannabis dispensary

This is the best part of our local marijuana business

It didn’t take Covid for me to avoid crowds when I went shopping. That is something I have been doing all of my adult life. There is just something about shopping where there are just hordes of people pushing and grabbing for products. I hate it and simply refuse to engage in that sort of shopping behavior. There are friends of mine who label me elitist for choosing to shop where I do. Okay, they are higher end stores but that seems like a pretty limited criteria for being an elitist. Just like the cannabis dispensary I go to, I go there because I am able to shop the way I want to. First, I don’t want to be involved in some huge, indoor shopping cage. I like to shop where the atmosphere is pleasant and the place is organized. Then, I like to have a shopping experience where I can get some service. The local cannabis spot is very good at this. And it suits all my other needs for a shopping experience as well. However, one of my highest shopping priorities wether it be cannabis products or groceries is having a selection. I like to choose from different sort of products. This is the best part of our local marijuana business. I can select from loads of different sativa strains or just about any kind of hybrid strain I could come up with. Plus, those helping me with my cannabis product needs are always kind, helpful and expert in what they are doing. If the rest of my shopping could be as wonderful as what I experience at the cannabis dispensary, I’d be in heaven.


Marijuana cafe