Nowadays I consume cannabis by vaping concentrates

I started smoking pot when I was 16 years old, then my friends as well as I went to a concert as well as some older boys had a bag of pot… They rolled a couple of joints as well as gave two of them to our friend… I coughed as well as coughed as well as I thought I was literally going to pass out.

The pot joint smelled horribly poor as well as it did not taste very fantastic either.

After 5 or 10 hours, I started to guess the effects from smoking the joint. I particularly enjoyed the relaxed as well as carefree feeling as well as I started using pot frequently. Lucky for me, recreational pot was legalized when I was 22 years old. I am a blessed man to live in a state where recreational pot is 100% legal for adults. I went to university with a guy that lives in the Southeast as well as they don’t even have medical marijuana legalized in that state. After recreational pot was legalized in this state, dispensaries started popping up one after another. I started trying all of the weird kinds of marijuana products. I don’t smoke pot anymore, because it is horrible for my lungs. I appreciate vaped marijuana concentrates instead, and vaping means turning the marijuana concentrate into a vapor that can be inhaled. I have a glass dab rig that I used to vape the marijuana concentrate; Shatter is our number one form of concentrate as well as I absolutely appreciate the strain Cinderella 99. It’s a hybrid strain that hits difficultly like an indica with the cerebral effects of a sativa. Whenever I find Cinderella 99 in shatter, I always buy our weekly allowance of several grams.


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