The benefits are insane

I’ve started doing recreational weed delivery as a space time task over the past month or so and I legitimately like doing it, however if you had asked myself and others a year or multiple ago if I would be doing recreational marijuana delivery as a space time job, I would have said that you were completely crazy, but up until this past month give or take, I have never legitimately needed another space time task, then but these afternoons, times are legitimately hard plus you have to do what you have to do if you are picking up what I am putting down. It’s a single thing to go out plus job a space time task at a retail store or a eating establishment, but it’s a lot better, in my opinion, if you can entirely set your own hours plus be your own boss most of the time, that’s how it has ended up being with this whole recreational marijuana delivery thing. I don’t really have to do genuinely much. I just decide when I want to work, then on those days, I show up at the local marijuana dispensary plus pick up all of my marijuana products for delivery. Then I head out to all of my customers’ homes. Naturally, when you’re delivering cannabis products, your customers are always so ecstatic to see you! I’ve never had a customer that I’ve delivered to who was mean to me or grumpy. They are always ecstatic to see me, that’s for sure. I feel like if you’re waiting for your marijuana products, you are easily going to be ecstatic to see your delivery guy.


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