What is bubble hash exactly?

A friend of mine recently was talking about the effectiveness as well as terpenes of bubble hash.

Although I’ve tried a lot of different marijuana products, this was something I’d never heard of.

I didn’t want to come off as totally uninformed, so I pretended I knew what he was talking about, however hearing him talk about all the varieties as well as how amazing it is made me absolutely want to try bubble hash. Although, I was unwilling to walk into the dispensary as well as ask for something that I wouldn’t even know if it was resting right in front of me. I went online, looked up bubble hash as well as noticed that it is cannabis concentrate. It’s made from the trichomes after they are removed from the plant by using chilly water, agitation as well as a sieve. The material gets its name from how it bubbles when heated by a flame. The production process needs agitating cannabis plant material in ice water. As the resinous trichomes freeze, they break off from the plant matter as well as sink to the bottom. A metal sieve that features a few layers of mesh screens filter them out. The finer the screen, the less plant matter that gets through. The size of the screen filters, ripeness of the cannabis as well as amount of plant material that makes it into the batch allows for the color of the bubble hash. It can be anywhere from a blond or purple to brown. Most people want the lighter colors. The best quality bubble hash fully melts away until completely liquified or removed as well as leaves behind a film of genuinely white ash. A popular method of consumption is to roll the bubble hash into small balls for topping a bowl of cannabis flower. A light press of the flame as well as the hash bubbles as well as provides an intoxicating high.

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