A dispensary just up the block

My best friend from high school is named Buck. We have stayed in touch over the years, despite the odds. It’s funny how that works, most of my friends stayed in town, and yet we slowly fell out of touch. Buck moved away, all the way to the Great White North, and yet we still stayed close. Phone calls every once in a while, until Skype was invented, and then we started talking regularly. He didn’t mind a quiet life in a very VERY small town, because it had everything he really needed, including a cannabis dispensary within walking distance. I was intensely jealous of this, because down here we only have a handful of dispensaries, and they are exclusively for prescription medical marijuana. I would say that this state is easily a good four or five years from having recreational marijuana use legalized, so these dispensaries are good for nothing to me. Up there, he doesn’t even need a prescription, he can just walk into the cannabis dispensary and buy whatever he wants. What he can’t do, however, is ship cannabis down to me, it puts us both at risk, and he doesn’t want to risk his sweet little set up. Instead what I think I will do is rent a car and drive to see him, and buy as much cannabis, CBD oil, and edibles as I can afford to bring back with me. Who knows, once I experience living just down the block from a cannabis dispensary I may not want to ever come back down here.

Cannabis delivery