After hours at the dispensary

The place where I spent my teenage years was little more than a retirement community.

  • It was a town, yes, but that town was located next to the biggest retirement community in the state, so the town revolved around the old folks.

This meant that very few businesses stayed open past 6pm, because by then the old folks were home for the night. One of the only places that was open was a 24 hour convenience store, which had some arcade games. I would spend hours there, spending a little money, but just hanging out. These days I work in a cannabis dispensary, and this town is pretty sleepy, just like mine was. I have a few customers that do what I used to do, just chilling at the cannabis dispensary because it is something to do. It’s part of the reason my boss keeps the cannabis dispensary open as late as he does, because it’s not like these guys ever spend very much money. To make use of the time, I will work on the edibles during this time, partially to prepare for the next day of sales. Partially, though, it’s to tempt the kids, because the freshly baked edibles, while they are still cooling on the counter, are very hard to resist. Edibles don’t cost too much, and they give a really killer buzz, and they also make the kids sleepy so they head home sooner rather than later. It’s cool to let the youth hang around the cannabis dispensary, but I also have a life and want to go home sometimes!

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