All of the wax was on sale for wax Wednesday

The cannabis dispensary in town always has a sale on Wednesday.

  • Wednesday is called wax Wednesday and all of the concentrate in the dispensary is on sale for 15% off.

I always try to go to the cannabis dispensary on Wednesday so I can save a few dollars. The price of gas is increasing each week and I don’t mind saving money where I can. I used to go to the dispensary on Friday after work, but I realized that I could save about $50 every week by going to the dispensary when my favorite items are on sale. I absolutely and totally prefer marijuana concentrate instead of flower. It costs less and I don’t wake up with a scratchy throat the next morning. Marijuana concentrate comes in a lot of different consistencies like crumble, badder, butter, and diamonds. I absolutely prefer the crumble because it is easy to use with my email. Last Wednesday I went to the dispensary to pick up my regular supply of marijuana concentrate and I found out that they were also offering 15% off all of the pre rolls in the store. I don’t normally buy pre-rolls because I don’t prefer flower, but when I realized that everything was on sale, I decided to pick one cigarette up for the way home. I smoked a two gram blunt that tasted like watermelon. It was really flavorful and tasty and I was totally blitzed by the time Uber dropped me off at the front door. It’s a good thing that I don’t have a car, because it would have been unsafe for me to drive after smoking the blunt.

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