And there is cannabis delivery too?!

Sometimes in life to good gets even better.

Honestly, it doesn’t happen all that often to me.

So when it does, I celebrate it and make sure that I give thanks. Because just some good is a wonderful thing. Yet getting that added bonus can just be a mind blower. And that is what I am experiencing right now with the cannabis dispensary I frequent. They are not offering cannabis delivery. That sound you hear is my jaw smacking against the floor. Talk about good getting better. Cannabis delivery is more like something excellent going to completely amazing. It starts with the fact that there is even a local cannabis spot at all. I can’t tell you how long I have wished and hoped to have a marijuana business anywhere that I could get to. I have used recreational marijuana for much of my adult life and finding it was tough. So when walking into a cannabis dispensary became a reality, I was darn near overcome with grateful joy. It had been a long, long wait and the days of scrounging up some dirt marijuana was over. Now, not only could I get marijuana for sale, I knew the THC content and who the marijuana grower actually was. This was a watershed event for me. And then the local cannabis spot one upped me. I can now call in my order, pay for it and they will deliver cannabis to my door. It’s like pizza delivery on the moon. I simply can’t quite believe it. Like I said, when the good gets better, I get that much happier and that much more thankful.
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