Chronic inflammation condition gets some relief with medical cannabis

I have been given a lot of different names.

There is chronic inflammation and fibromyalgia just to name a few.

And those are the ones that I can pronounce. All I know is that I deal with a lot of pain due to my joints and tissue experiencing so much inflammation. It’s a condition I have suffered with for a decade. After trying a new approach that included medical marijuana, I am feeling better than I have in ten years. My inflammation problem sort of came along gradually. But after about a year, it was almost completely debilitating. No matter what the doctors put me on, I couldn’t shake it. This cycle of pain and meds went on for a long time. Finally, I decided that there may simply be no cure and I was willing to accept that. Yet, I was ready to at least try to manage this condition without all the awful side effects of the meds. I took a more holistic approach which included medical cannabis. My new approach was an entire lifestyle change. I put the emphasis on being the healthiest I could be regardless of the chronic inflammation. Changing my diet was key as was the use of the medical cannabis products. It helped me to stretch my muscles more without so much pain. It also allowed me to sleep more soundly. This more consistent rest was also a great help. It’s been less than a year and I’m more like who I want to be than ever. I still have to manage my chronic inflammation. But it is no longer managing me and that’s due in large part to medical marijuana benefits.

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