Dad educated me well

One of our preferred memories was at a live concert from thirty years ago, they were still in their prime, & there was an entire venue jam packed full of fans.

  • It was magical, helped in no small area by the fact that this was one of our first live concerts.

I was only 14, had been to a few small shows, but our older acquaintance scored a few tickets & both of us went. During the first song, I was already passionate about it, when I smelled something truly odd. It was familiar, but I didn’t have a clue what it was. It was cannabis, of course, someone around me secretly smoking a fat joint. That was the moment I realized our dad smoked cannabis out of a pipe on the back porch! Soon after that evening, I went and approached our dad about smoking marijuana with him. I waited for the right moment to have the talk, of course, when he was already out there getting high, halfway through that big bowl of marjuana. I stepped to him, said that I had never smoked marijuana before but I actually wanted to try it, & I wanted to try it out with him. Now, he got a little misty eyed at the thought, smoking our first bowl together wasn’t much weirder than riding our first bike with him! In retrospect ,it wasn’t that good a quality of marijuana, to be honest, that our dad smoked, but it was still the best bowl of them all, every time I smoke cannabis now, to this morning, I always compare it to that first bowl with Dad, & it really comes up short.


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