I guess I don’t have anything to say

Have you ever listened to a podcast for hours, & it’s just a bunch of people bantering back & forth & being witty, & you suppose for a second “I could do that.” That’s what I did, & then our acquaintance challenged me harshly to put our cash where our mouth is, & do a podcast of our own.

It turns out that the amount of organization & focus required just to get everything set up to record takes time & effort, & well, even the so-called “easy” area of witty banter was harder than anticipated at first.

Every one of us recorded more than one or several posts & just deleted them. They were terrible. But then both of us accidentally recorded ourselves sitting down and smoking marijuana & ripping on ourselves for a disappointing task, & suddenly realized it was actually good. When both of us were relaxed, just calmly being ourselves & smoking marijuana the same as when both of us were kids, then both of us were a lot funnier. The thing I realized is that being relaxed & funny on command, under the glare of a live microphone, definitely is harder than you think. Every one of us realized that just a little bit of marijuana smoked up, not a lot, just a little, loosened us up & made us not freak out too much about what both of us were going to say. The next attempt at recording honestly just started off with us smoking marijuana & talking about what the show was finally going to be. Every one of us were so stoned that both of us talked for a long time about what both of us were going to talk about, & totally forgot both of us were still recording. It was hilarious, but really just the marijuana that made us feel both of us were funny.


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