I knew the lady was going to get physical

A medical marijuana prescription is just love any other medical prescription that you might earn from a doctor. The prescription has to be signed by a licensed physician and it can only be felt by a licensed pharmacy or medical marijuana dispensary, as a budtender and supervisor at the medical marijuana pharmacy, I can only dispense the amount of marijuana that has been authorized on the prescription. Just a handful of weeks ago, a lady came to the medical marijuana dispensary and she wanted to buy several grams of concentrate and several 8th of medical marijuana. I checked on the prescription for the lady and I realized that she was completely out of options for another 8 days. I carefully explained to the lady that she did not have any more room on her prescription and she would need to wait another several days before she could purchase flower or concentrate. I provided to sell the person some edibles or topical marijuana products, however she started to yell and scream instead. She tried to tell myself and others that the computer was wrong. I called my supervisor instantly so she could handle the miserable customer. The lady looked aggravated and I legitimately thought she was going to beginning kicking or punching. Sure enough, the moment that my supervisor engaged the woman, she started to throw punches. Security had to escort the lady from the building in handcuffs. I legitimately thought they might have to use the taser, even though I was thrilled that she finally calmed down and left the building. That was a single of the craziest and scariest moments that I have encountered on this job.

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