I still get a text message from the cannabis dispensary

I have been getting text messages from a cannabis dispensary for the past nine months and I don’t know how to make them stop.

I tried sending a text message and I even called the cannabis dispensary, but they told me that I would have to call corporate. When my wife and I went to the coast for our vacation last spring, we went to a cannabis dispensary for the first time.

I was really excited to see all of the legal cannabis products. I smoke pot with my friends, but I have never visited a legal cannabis state. A dispensary was the first place I wanted to visit as soon as we got off the plane. About two blocks from the airport, my wife and I found the first cannabis dispensary. It was pricier than most, but they offered free delivery to our hotel. I signed up for email and text message alerts so I could get a text message for 20% off my first time order. We saved about $35 on our first order. My wife and I also ordered from the dispensary 2 additional times for delivery while we were on vacation. Now I get a text message every day of the week and twice on Saturday and Sunday. The message is an alert with the weekend specials. It’s fun to know what type of marijuana products will be on sale, but my wife and I are no longer in the area and we cannot take advantage of the special. I wish I could figure out how to stop getting text messages from the dispensary.
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