It was the marijuana that was funny, not us

Have you ever listened to a podcast, and it’s just a bunch of people bantering back and forth and being witty, and you think “I could do that.” That’s what I did, and then my friend challenged me to put my money where my mouth is, and do a podcast of my own.

It turns out that the organization and focus required just to get everything set up to record takes time and effort, and even the so-called “easy” part of witty banter was harder than anticipated. We recorded two or three and just deleted them. They were terrible. But then we accidentally recorded ourselves smoking marijuana and ripping on ourselves for a terrible job, and realized it was really good. When we were relaxed, just being ourselves and smoking marijuana like when we were teenagers, then we were a lot funnier. The thing is that being relaxed and funny on command, under the angry red glare of a live microphone, is harder than you think. We realized that just a little bit of marijuana, not a lot, just a little, loosened us up and made us not think too much about what we were going to say. The next attempt at recording just started off with us smoking marijuana and talking about what the show was going to be. We were so stoned we talked for an hour about what we were going to talk about, and totally forgot we were recording. It was hilarious, but then we listened to it the next day and realized it sucked, too, it was just he marijuana that made us think we were funny.


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