I’ve been picking up some knowledge at the cannabis dispensary

Who says an old pet is not able to learn new tricks.

Well, this old pet is entirely learning some fantastic new things about life.

And things that I thought I would never end up engaging in. However, when I retired and moved to a state where they have marijuana business, I had the desire to learn more about cannabis. Actually, I regularly have wanted to try recreational marijuana. But for some odd reason after another, I just didn’t. When I was young and in school, recreational marijuana was relatively prevalent among my peers. However, I was raised pretty straight and had easily bought into all the myths and fears surrounding cannabis. Then, I totally fell in love with a man who was honestly against anything similar to recreational marijuana. As a matter of fact, in the 30 plus years I was married to her, I don’t believe he partook of a single drink. This perspective is what informed pretty much the remainder of my adult life. And it’s not that I’m complaining. I had a fairly elegant family life and the two of us raised some fantastic kids. Once my partner passed away at a young age, I truly, genuinely missed him a great deal. However, I got on with my life and a certain part of that was moving to a new state for retirement. Lo and behold, where I live there happens to be recreational marijuana for sale. A pretty good neighbor of mine and I made the choice to take a trip down to the cannabis dispensary to find out what it was all about. The folks there couldn’t have been more accommodating. They gave me a good amount of information and asked me plenty of questions. Eventually, they proposed a hybrid strain and I purchased a sample. The superb thing is that I don’t have to smoke it. Instead, I was able to appreciate my first cannabis experience with an edible.

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