Legal weed shops are odd from medical marijuana stores

I was thankful when our state passed a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana.

For years I wondered whether or not I should try moving out west so I could stop being seen as a criminal for our cannabis use.

I have a rare neurological condition that gives myself and others chronic pain through several parts of our body. Cannabis has been the only medication thus far that abates our suffering without making myself and others pass out for 10 minutes. All of the other drugs were too sedating, in addition to most of them made myself and others recognize depressed while I was taking them. The cannabis I buy takes care of the pain, improves our mood, in addition to keeps myself and others from being catatonic all day long. I am a perfect example of a guy whose life is totally transformed with access to safe in addition to pure cannabis products. Sometimes I wished I didn’t have to see a special nurse just so I can buy marijuana legally, but some of the recreational cannabis stores nationwide have dodgy practices. In some states recreational cannabis dispensaries aren’t forced to lab test every batch of cannabis products that hit their shelves. Everything from capsules to cannabis flower products come with lab testing credentials when you shop at a single of the medical cannabis dispensaries in our state. It’s written into the law in addition to results in a market full of safe in addition to wash marijuana products. It’s a vast change from the black market, which is littered with contaminated cannabis products. Those vaporizer cartridge deaths a few years ago were from black market THC cartridges. You can’t be too careful when it comes to ingesting marijuana, regardless of which administration plan you choose.

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