There is light at the end of the tunnel

Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows just how completely horrible that can be.

It absolutely has been the situation for me.

But, I have only been dealing with them for around 2 years now. Before this, I would think colleagues were making it up by staying at home with a migraine. It was just a headache, that is what I thought. How could that require a morning at home? Well now that I have added medical marijuana to my treatment, I am missing a lot less days at my workplace due to migraine. It’s odd the feeling I get when I know one is coming on. I only have so much time to get my meds in me and get to a dark, quiet space. And then it’s just hang on and hope that I caught it in time. Sometimes they are less harsh than others. However, a migraine is never something that is easily managed. I can’t even entirely open my eyeah much less try to do anything else. But since I got some cannabis information which led to more of a cannabis education, I have a new skill set. There are a lot of theories on what causes a migraine. For me, it can be super random or also brought on by stress. Using medical cannabis products makes the stress factor almost not existent. I use it in the evenings and this has helped prevent the onset of several of my stress induced pains I respectfully get early in the morning. I’m absolutely thankful to have the option to add medical cannabis to my treatment regimen for my migraine headaches. It makes such a pressing change.

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