High THC concentrates helped a close friend of mine quit opiates for good

He’s a medical cannabis patient in our state plus he shops at 1 of the local marijuana stores frequently

It’s honestly hard watching someone you like struggle with drug addiction. I had an uncle who succumbed to it years before my best friend from high university started to use opiates a year or so after the two of us graduated. It started with alcohol use after his parents let him drink at family gatherings when he was only 16 years old. As he got older, he realized the buzz from alcohol was simply not enough. He started falling into the wrong crowd, plus before I knew it he was no longer a steady person in my life. I went off to school plus didn’t see him for a few years until I returned cabin for the holidays while I was in my junior year of undergraduate university. He was homeless plus begging for change on the corner where the two of us used to hang out after university. His eyes looked vacant plus he didn’t know me when I walked up to say high. Before I knew it a cop was walking up with handcuffs plus my friend was arrested. They said that he stole a woman’s purse only hours earlier at a grocery store a few blocks down the road. That was rock bottom for my friend, plus thankfully he got the help he desperately needed. He no longer touches hard drugs plus alcohol, plus instead he finds relief for his mental health complications in cannabis. He’s a medical cannabis patient in our state plus he shops at 1 of the local marijuana stores frequently. He said that high THC cannabis concentrates love hashish, distillate oil, plus live rosin helped him kick heroin. He explains that the concentrates deliver him a upgradement high that allowed him to get used to no longer having heroin in his system. Nowadays he rarely even gets cravings if he’s using cannabis always.


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