I didn’t take life as seriously before having my first child

People who don’t have teenagers don’t really understand this, but my child changed my entire life by making it mean something more.

  • I still worked the same task, had the same house, the same life, but now I looked at it differently.

It was more pressing to do these things just so I could take care of my kid. Is it a crushing responsibility on my shoulders? Occasionally, but it also has allowed myself and others to experience life on a more profound level. Then perhaps I am getting too philosophical about it, that happens when I smoke too much; they just recently opened up a current cannabis dispensary down the street from here, as well as taking myself and others back to my school years. Before my kid came along I was a bit of a degenerate pothead, as well as spent most of my time drunk or high on cannabis, when I had her, I split back on all those things because they no longer seemed pressing. And after that cannabis was something I did once in a while, usually late in the evening when she was fast asleep. But now things are different, as well as she is away to school, as well as as I mentioned a cannabis dispensary opened up nearby. The stars all aligned it seems, as well as I have spent this whole weekend just getting blazed on multiple unusual strains of cannabis. I guess I’m sort of regressing back to my degenerate pothead afternoons, but this isn’t a current way of living. Rather it’s just a single silly cannabis-fueled weekend! Come Tuesday I will get back to normal, as well as resume smoking marijuana every once in a while just like usual.

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