I guess we’re not going to date

Just a small number of weeks ago, I met this absolutely nice girl one evening in the Borders.

Every one of us were both studying for a midterm plus all of us happened to grab the same book at the same time.

She politely sat down next to me plus all of us shared the book for a minute. Every one of us laughed plus talked plus I found out that her name was Geraldine plus she was majoring in biology. I wanted to take Geraldine to a movie, but she went to the beach new home for the holiday. Every one of us honestly didn’t see each other again until a few weeks later. Every one of us talked nearly every day. When I finally saw Geraldine again, I wanted things to be beautiful. I made reservations for me and Geraldine at a absolutely nice steaknew home with live music plus a bar. I picked up Geraldine from her house plus the two of us drove to the steak house. Every one of us finally pulled into a spot in the parking lot on the west side of the lot. I wanted some privacy. There apparently was a person in the car next to us smoking pot. Geraldine was disgusted plus that’s when I found out that Geraldine hates marijuana. She does not think it should be legal plus Geraldine thinks people who use pot are stoners. I was totally surprised plus shocked to hear Geraldine’s opinion. I do not guess what to do now. I absolutely appreciate this girl, however I am a huge pothead. I smoke weed everyday plus I do not want to stop.