I’m a driver for a legal recreational cannabis delivery service in my city

I was thrilled when I was accepted for the job

You can make decent tips as a delivery driver in my city. My best friend is a driver for Uber Eats, and I was awestruck when he told me the amount of money he has been making lately. And fortunately for him, he gets a lot of wealthy neighborhoods on his routes. Sometimes he makes a killing on tips alone. He’ll come home on a really busy day with well over $100 in delivery tips. When I heard this, I started looking for a part time driver position. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky at first. It seems that a lot of the available positions have been scooped up by other people like me who are eager to make quick money easily. Regardless, I sent my resume to a handful of places in hopes that I will be considered when new positions open. However, I was lucky when I was looking on Craigslist one afternoon while drinking a cup of coffee. I saw that one of the new legal recreational cannabis stores was looking to hire a team of delivery drivers. At the time I had never considered the possibility of cannabis delivery services being available in my area, let alone applying to work for one. Before I always drove to dispensaries and bought my marijuana products in person. I was thrilled when I was accepted for the job. Although it’s hectic everyday making all of the stops in a timely fashion, I love the pay and the discount I get on my own marijuana products from the same dispensary that employs me. Best of all, it’s hard to beat the tips you get as a legal recreational cannabis delivery driver.

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