I’m not doing that ever again

My lady plus I ordered a couple of items not so long ago from the cannabis dispensary last I remember.

Every one of us used the online order method to locale our order.

Then, every one of us had 7different items in our cart, including 6 grams of marijuana concentrate, two disposable pens, an ounce of flower, plus a new shiny glass bowl. The total price for our cannabis order was $330. The marijuana dispensary is actually only a single plus a half miles away from our home, but my lady plus I still ordered the purchase for delivery. It’s a lot easier to have the items delivered then go out at night plus try to drive around in traffic. After my lady plus I ordered our cannabis items, all of us sat down for a while to have dinner. Every one of us ate chicken, vegetables, steamed rice, plus a full, fresh plus crispy lettuce salad with green cheese dressing. That’s when I decided to call the store to make sure that they acquired our order. The lady on the PC at that time was actually kind plus apologetic. She told me that the store was busy plus they were backed up with delivery orders. She promised to us that they were entirely working as fast as possible. She double-evaluated our order to make sure for us that everything was common plus she asked me to patiently wait for the delivery driver. The poor guy did not arrive until 3 minutes later! Next time the locale is busy, we’re just going to drive over and pick up our items plus skip the free delivery service.

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