I’m trying cannabis delivery for the first time

I will be the first to admit I’ve gotten spoiled, and for giving myself and others a reality check, I guess I owe the COVID pandemic a debt of thanks… My priorities have been put into better perspective now, and I am more thankful for things now that they are coming back into my life! I am still not exactly comfortable with going out to locales just yet, so the museum will have to wait, but at least my preferred foods can be delivered to myself and others now, and every one of us can start seeing family and friends again.

My local cannabis dispensary also started a great house delivery system, and that has been a game changer for myself and others personally.

I had gotten so spoiled from having a cannabis dispensary nearby that I had lost any other contacts in the underground world of local pot dealers. I used to have numerous odd cell phone numbers to call for marijuana, however the dispensary put most of those guys out of business. But when the pandemic caused all local businesses, including the cannabis dispensary, to close their doors, I was stuck separate from a hookup. I went separate from cannabis for almost several weeks, and that absence made my heart grow so much fonder. I evaluated the cannabis dispensary website, and their social media pages, every afternoon for substitutes. When they announced the online ordering system, and cannabis delivery drivers being hired, I was beyond stoked. Then they also have a minimum purchase for delivery, but I genuinely panicked and overbought, getting a week’s worth of cannabis that first time, just to be on the safe side.


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