Recreational cannabis delivery services in my area varying in cost and availability

I decided to finally quit drinking last year.

My family has generational alcoholism, and several of my older relatives passed away from liver cirrhosis.

My father is still a functioning alcoholic, but it totally destroys his ability to be honest about his emotions. He drowns his sorrows in liquor as soon as he gets home from work every night. Sometimes it’s hard to watch him, especially when he gets so blasted that he makes a fool of himself at family gatherings. I was looking in the mirror one day and asked myself if that’s the person I want to turn into. Maybe I don’t drink like a fish right now, but what if a major crisis happened like losing one of my parents suddenly? I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t end up at the bottom of a liquor bottle. It wasn’t easy to quit, but I felt amazing after a month of being sober. After a few months, I thought the cravings would subside but they didn’t. My best friend told me to try cannabis, especially if I run into any serious stress in life that could make me relapse and drink again. When I first tried legal recreational cannabis, I was blown away by the effects. There was a wave of calmness that washed over my entire body. I was relaxed but mentally alert at the same time. The effects from the legal cannabis were beyond anything I could imagine as a longtime drinker. And best of all, the legal recreational marijuana store just unveiled a home delivery program. I wish they didn’t charge delivery fees, but recently I found a few other cannabis dispensaries on the internet that deliver to my neighborhood for free or with smaller fees.

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