The edibles were more powerful than I thought

My neighbor went to the recreational marijuana dispensary a few weeks back as well as they had distillate syringes on sale. Distillate syringes are actually great to use in edibles, because they are pretty simple to dose. Distillate is already decarbed on top of that, which makes it super useful… My neighbor used the distillate to make some incredible pot brownies! She told me that the pot brownies were 10 mg each of THC! I ate a single brownie as well as I did not truly feel anything, so I made the choice to eat another pot brownie. The pot brownies tasted really great with chocolate as well as walnuts, so I went for another… After an hour, I came to the realization that I ate way too many. I started to sweat as well as after that I got the chills. I felt sort of like I was going to become sick to my stomach. I asked my neighbor if he was positive that each pot brownie had only 10 mg of THC. He ended up telling me that they had 50 mg of THC actually. I thought he was only kidding, however he was definitely serious. I do not know how we got the dosage mixed up like that, however I clearly had way too much THC in my system. I ate an entire bag of cookies as well as a half gallon of ice cream. I started to feel so much better after I ate a little bit of food. My neighbor proposed we get some tacos for lunch. I was still feeling some effects from the pot brownies, however tacos sounded like a truly great idea… Unluckily, the tacos did not agree with the pot brownies in the slightest. I ended up spending about an hour in the bathroom when we got back from the restaurant.


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