We must celebrate

For some reason, April 20th is a huge holiday for stoners all around the world.

I have been celebrating the stereotypical 420 holiday every year since I started smoking pot.

My friends plus I often use recreational cannabis when all of us want to have fun. This year all of us sincerely wanted to do something fun for the holiday, even though most locales in the area are closed down because of the virus. My friends plus I went to the nearest cannabis dispensary plus all of us picked up several different kinds of marijuana supplies. I even bought a disposable vape pen plus I also bought a half ounce of Gorilla Glue# 4, however I realized that since the dispensary was having a sale on everything, I should also purchase some cannabis edibles. They are severely expensive, but they usually taste absolutely good and have a nice effect. I picked out a couple of different brownies plus a Rice Krispie treat infused with tons of cannabis. My friends purchased a couple of cannabis drinks as well. I decided to go ahead and eat a single of the brownies on our way to the beach! By the time I arrived at the place, I was absolutely high. I do not smoke pot every single day, so the effects are actually strong. As soon as all of us got to the beach, my stomach started to growl. So I called the pizza delivery locale plus they brought two large pizzas plus a couple of large sodas to the beach for my friends plus I to enjoy. It was a fun plus exciting day.


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