Why would this happen now?

I didn’t want to do the task on the holiday weekend.

I wanted to go to the beach with my friends plus spend all day in the sun.

Unfortunately, I definitely had to task a shift at the cannabis dispensary. I had the last holiday off work, so I was forced to task on this Day. I knew it was going to be a trade, so I wasn’t surprised to see my name on the weekly schedule. Every one of us had a sizable sale at the cannabis dispensary that very weekend to celebrate the Day. Almost every item in the store was on sale. Every one of us had high strength cannabis cartridges on sale at buy a single plus get a single free. All of the edible treats plus snacks or 20% off. Every one of us had a ton of extra online orders plus the store was filled with people all day long. It’s no surprise that the huge cooling system stopped entirely working that day. I heard the cooling system shut off at some point plus I thought it sounded abrupt. I didn’t think about the unusual sound very much until the indoor temperature started to get warmer. That’s when I realized that the cooling system was not working. It was 72 degrees inside the dispensary plus I alerted the manager right away. I thought there might be a complication with the cooling system. She called a professional repair technician as soon as she saw the temperature on the control unit. The cannabis dispensary was definitely still filled with people, but the repair tech worked around our staff plus clients plus fixed the complication with the broken central cooling system.

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