You gotta pay to play

My friends plus I acquired an informative text from our favorite cannabis dispensary; The locale was having a sale over the weekend plus all of the edible cannabis treats we are on sale for 20% off, so… my friends plus I planned to go to the beach on Sunday plus spend the whole day in the warm water plus the waves with a little weed. Every one of us stopped at the cannabis dispensary on our way to the beach to supply ourselves. The locale was packed with people which was no surprise. Every time the little cannabis dispensary has a sale, the locale is regularly busy. My friends plus I left our family house with plenty of time to stop at the pot shop. Every one of us waited a while before all of us went inside to see a budtender, I picked up a couple of different things, including a grape flavored cannabis elixir. It was actually thick similar to cough syrup plus it tasted absolutely sweet plus tangy. The budtender carefully told me to mix the elixir with some Dunkin Donuts Coffee or water. He did not highly recommend drinking it straight from the bottle, then after all of us went to the dispensary, of course all of us stopped at a gas station to pick up a couple of drinks. I grabbed a 1 liter bottle and dumped half of the cannabis elixir into the drink. It bubbled plus fizzed plus spilled all over the seat. More of the cannabis elixir was on the car floor than in the bottle of pop. Thank goodness I had an extra pair of shorts in my travel backpack, because I was covered in sticky, sweet, cannabis syrup.

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