Cannabis oil pens are extremely discrete and easy to conceal

Even though we’re still in the grips of a pandemic, I have to drive around the country every week for work.

I have clients from one end of the nation to the next, and I rarely get more than a few days at home at a time.

I feel like I’m literally living on the road, and all of the hotel rooms blend together in a muddled blur. It’s saddening when I realize I couldn’t keep up a romantic relationship living like this if I tried. Unfortunately, my company needs me in this position for another six months at minimum. After that point I’m eligible for a promotion if the business rebounds with the rest of the economy. For now I have to be resolute with my existence on the road. One way I’ve managed my stress each night is with cannabis. I can’t really burn marijuana flower products in hotel rooms in random states, the hotel staff would surely smell it. However, these days you can buy cannabis oil pens that contain high THC cannabis distillate oil that is extracted from the raw plant matter with a solvent or through heat. If there aren’t fresh terpenes reintroduced after extraction, the distillate oil doesn’t have a strong marijuana odor. In fact, a lot of cannabis vendors used planted derived terpenes because it’s a lot cheaper, and oil pens with these distillates rarely smell like burnt marijuana flower products. That makes them extremely discrete, especially in hotel rooms. I can relax after a long day of driving with various strains of high THC oil cartridges that screw onto my pen battery. It’s a great way to use cannabis without smelling like the plant.

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