CBD oil has given me a better life with pain reduction in my back injuries

It’s hard getting through life with chronic pain. I watched both of my parents endure the process as they got to the end of their lives. My father had to get knee surgery four separate times before he passed. My mother had arthritis in her hands that plagued her constantly, especially when she had to lift anything that weighed over two pounds. Although I’m still in my 40s, I fell from a ladder at work a few years ago and sustained injuries in my back. I have had a few surgeries since then, and things have never been the same. It’s hard living life with chronic pain, especially when it prevents you from doing what you love. I had to give up kayaking after I nearly drowned the last time I went out. Unfortunately, for a while the only medications you could take were prescription or over-the-counter pain meds. But now that CBD products are legal everywhere in the country, I have a much better quality of life. Although I use high THC cannabis daily, I can’t take too much at once or I can’t really function. When I get CBD by itself I can use large doses without getting sedating and intoxicated. The CBD oil that I use has many of the same medical benefits as traditional marijuana without the intoxicating effects. If you want a purely medical experience, it’s hard to beat pure CBD oil. And now that you can find it in the pharmacy at most grocery stores, there has never been a better time to try it if you could benefit from its effects.
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