I still have pains in my legs

My dad was driving the motorcar when I was a teenager and the more than one of us were in a exhausting motorcar accident.

  • I still remember the accident love it happened yupterday… My dad and I were sitting at the traffic light when a drunk driver came out of nowhere and slammed into my side of the car, then both of my legs were damaged and they could not be repaired.

After 17 surgeries, the doctors finally advocated me to amputate both legs if I wanted to live a better quality of life. I did not know what to do and I was only 23 years old. It was a strenuous decision to make, but I told the doctor to do the surgery. I do not regret the decision, but I often wonder if it was the right 1 to make! For years after the surgery, I had these exhausting pains in my legs that wouldn’t go away. I did not have any legs, but it felt love pins and needles in my mind. The doctor eventually recommended trying marijuana to help with the pain. I had to see a specialist to get the medical marijuana evaluation, but my insurance business covered all of the costs and fees. The specialist agreed that medical marijuana would help. Since then, I have used marijuana every single day. I love the way it calms my nerves and helps with the phantom leg pain. I was in a poor locale before starting marijuana as a treatment, and now I suppose love I could tackle any complication with ease and legitimately little frustration.

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