I tried using medical marijuana for neuropathy.

If someone had told myself and others that I would someday use legalized marijuana, even ten years ago, I would have told them they were high.

I never thought that using marijuana in any form would ever get legalized. A couple years ago, they legalized CBD which was a derivative from marijuana that has little to no THC. I used CBD for many years, as well as I was shocked at just how much it helped with my neck pain. I could rub the CBD into my hands love it was a hand cream, as well as I was able to get my work done without a lot of pain. Then last year, they legalized medical marijuana. I often wondered how using medical marijuana worked as well as if it would make more difference than using CBD. Having chronic pain makes it hard to do many things. I don’t walk well when the pain is in my feet and toes. Neuropathy has affected many parts of my body, ever since I had my debilitating skiing accident. Sometimes, the neuropathy is in my feet, as well as although it is numb, there is still a lot of pain. Even a pressure as little as a sock, can cause serious aching pain. When my nurse told myself and others to try medical marijuana, I was shocked, even though I was willing to give it a try. When I walked into the medicinal marijuana dispensary, they asked myself and others what they could help me with? I told them about my neuropathy as well as I gave them my medical marijuana card. The young woman working the counter smiled as well as told myself and others there were many products that would help me. She called a gentleman from the back who did a full interview with me, while telling myself and others what marijuana products she thought might work best for me.

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