I was looking for marijuana products

I wanted to try medicinal marijuana to learn if it would help with my migraine headaches.

It didn’t matter what kind of meds the nurses gave me, I always had some kind of reaction to it.

When I heard that medicinal marijuana was finally legal, I knew it was my last option to find something else to ease the pain. I had already given up on traditional meds. I had even tried acupuncture as well as meditation, however neither of these worked. I walked into the local marijuana dispensary with my medical card in hand as well as told them I needed to have anything for migraines. I didn’t want anything that had to be smoked as well as anything that would work that wasn’t extreme. If I had to chew difficult when I got a migraine, I wouldn’t be able to take it. Chewing caused extra pain. The budtender at the marijuana dispensary counter told myself and others they had marijuana tinctures that you could locale under your tongue for faster relief. They also had marijuana tablets that you could melt on your tongue. These were straight-forward to use, however those took a bit longer for the marijuana to work. She commanded I try using the melting tablets as well as the tincture. She said if I had some time from the moment I feel it coming on until it hit full force I could try an edible. I liked the idea of using marijuana tablets as well as tincture. I got many flavors of each not really caring what flavor it was because all I wanted was for the marijuana to get rid of the migraine. It took about an hour from the hour I put the marijuana tincture under my tongue until I began to believe in its effects.

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