I went to a big casino as well as a marijuana cafe.

During our last vacation, my lady Bess as well as I headed out west to a casino.

All of us wanted to do some dancing, some drinking as well as some gambling.

All of us had both recently turned twenty-one earlier that year, as well as the people I was with and I couldn’t wait to get there. Bess and I played for a while, however then the people I was with and I got very hungry. Bess and I saw this little cafe, as well as the sign on the window read, ‘everything is edibles’. Bess thought they meant it was superb food, until the people I was with and I made the decision to go inside. All of us started looking at the menu. It was just a small out of the way eatery, however the people I was with and I were finding there was a large difference between this eatery as well as the a singles in the casinos. I looked at Bess as well as asked if she knew what it meant when it said it was made from Girl Scout Cookies. Bess laughed as well as said she found a single that was made with OGKush. As Bess and I continued to look at the menu, it suddenly hit us that everything on the menu, right down to the hot dogs and hamburgers, was laced with some kind of marijuana product. Bess hadn’t done it deliberately, however the people I was with and I were in a marijuana cafe. I smiled as well as her pretty eyes twinkled as well as Bess and I both knew we were going to have our supper in this marijuana cafe. She had a yellow slush as well as I had a chocolate mint milkshake. They tasted so good, Bess and I couldn’t assume they had marijuana in them. All of us ordered fries with our hamburgers, thinking they couldn’t possibly have marijuana on them. When I asked about the crab fries, she said it was a special salt sprinkled on them. By the time Bess and I got out of the cafe, the people I was with and I were both giggly from the overall experience as much as from the food.
Pot brownies