It was my first trip to a marijuana dispensary

My mother and I went to the marijuana dispensary last week.

I had never been to one and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I must admit that it definitely was not what I expected from a marijuana dispensary. Normally my sister was the one who drove mom to the marijuana dispensary. With her needing to take care of a sick child, I was the one elected to drive mom. Mom hadn’t driven for as long as I can remember. The last time she drove was almost the last time she ever walked the earth. Her life was saved, but she lost her right leg, and was left with a lot of back pain. I enjoyed mom’s company and I was happy to take her to any of her appointments. I got to take a day off work, and I also got to spend the entire day with mom. We headed to the marijuana dispensary. When we got into the dispensary, I was somewhat taken aback. I couldn’t believe that it looked more like a small pharmacy than a place that sold marijuana. I guess I expected psychedelic signs on the walls and a place that smelled strongly of weed. I didn’t expect to see tables set up different drinks, candies, and even some baked goods. Mom went up to the counter and the young woman they called a budtender, greeted her by her name. They were laughing and talking for a couple minutes before mom was asked if she wanted her regular order. I knew why mom felt some comfortable coming to the marijuana dispensary.