It’s easier than ever to read more about marijuana on the internet

When my doctor suggested a new medication to treat my digestive and abdominal issues, he encouraged me to research the drug online if I felt uncomfortable in any way.

He directed me to a handful of reliable scientific and medical sources for the medication, and within a few hours of reading I was well acquainted with the drug.

It felt satisfying to have my questions answered before trying something foreign for the first time and praying for positive results. After I spent a day doing proper medical research, I called my doctor and had him phone in the prescription to my pharmacy. I managed to get it delivered to my front door later that same afternoon. Even though there is an endless deluge of false and misleading information on the internet, the nuggets of gold hidden beneath the rest of the junk vindicate the whole process. When I wanted to know more about cannabis as it became legal in my state, I found a wealth of information online regarding the plant. I was pleased to read that it isn’t known to be physically addictive like alcohol or nicotine, although it can be psychologically addictive like chocolate or pizza. There was a blog that explained the process of raising cannabis from a seed into a mature plant and when those plants are harvested before eventually being dry cured ahead of packaging. The fact that the cannabis plant takes weeks to dry cure was something I never understood. I figured that cannabis producers cut the plant from its roots and immediately started packaging the flower buds into little plastic jars.


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